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 Reclusive's Moderator Application.

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Reclusive's Moderator Application. Empty
PostSubject: Reclusive's Moderator Application.   Reclusive's Moderator Application. Icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 10:51 pm

Full Name: Derek

In game name:  Reclusive

Age: 16

Reasons why I think I could earn the position: Well, I personally like to help new players and open up friends chat that will affect the game. I have played many private servers before and know what it takes to become a staff member and keep that staff position. I am one of those people who make good relationships with staff members and become friends with. I also do not mind helping someone out here and there if im not busy or accept tickets as soon as they are sent unlike some other servers which ignore most tickets.

What I think could possibly hold me back form accomplishing anything from the position: I honestly do not believe anything could hold me back since I am on summer vacation visiting family and I spend most my time of the day on my laptop playing ProIonic.

How often do I play a day: Anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours a day from noon to around midnight if I am not spending time with my family doing something outside or watching a movie.

How much experience do I have: I have been playing Runescape for 6 years and I have quit runescape 3 years ago and have been playing strictly private servers since I like the small communities and I make great friends unlike I do on Runescape.

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Reclusive's Moderator Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reclusive's Moderator Application.   Reclusive's Moderator Application. Icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 4:34 am

+1 ive seen rec be nothing but helpful on this server and respectful to every single player.
would make a great addition to server staff~
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Reclusive's Moderator Application.
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