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 Support Application (If not Moderator)

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Do you Think i Should be Support
Yes as you are a Trustworthy player.
Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_lcap60%Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_rcap
 60% [ 3 ]
Yes as I see lots of Potential in you.
Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_lcap40%Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_rcap
 40% [ 2 ]
No as don't believe you are ready yet.
Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_lcap0%Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_rcap
 0% [ 0 ]
No as I don't believe you will ever be a good Support.
Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_lcap0%Support Application (If not Moderator) I_vote_rcap
 0% [ 0 ]
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I Robin I

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Support Application (If not Moderator) Empty
PostSubject: Support Application (If not Moderator)   Support Application (If not Moderator) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 6:31 pm

I believe that I can offer a great deal of support to the server (As I am currently proving my creating a price list by going round the server's community and asking players what they think the prices of different items should be to improve the economy and get people to sell items to each-other and not back to the shop). I believe that I will also be a great deal of help to any new players or existing players in need of help whether it may a question or deed I will do my best to carry it out. I have only been playing for a couple of days now but believe that with my help I could improve the Community and Economy in the server by "advertising" it e.g. telling all my friends who play Rsps's about the server and that they should try it out as the staff are fair the owner is one of the most hard working owners I've ever had to honour to play with (on the server). This is why I believe I would make a Good Support (not necessarily Moderator) in the Community of ProIonic.

Just to add I have been playing Runescape since 2005, I've been playing Rsps's for over a year now and I play for about 4-6 hours a day (With School) and on weekends I will be online all the time even if no one else is online as I strive to achieve my goals in the game, one of those Goals is becoming a Support Member (Not necessarily Moderator).

Yours Sincerely,

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Support Application (If not Moderator)
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