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 Moderator Application by Versa

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PostSubject: Moderator Application by Versa   Moderator Application by Versa Icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 8:04 pm

Full Name: Josh (I'm not going to post my last name on the internet. Sorry)

In game name: Versa

Age: 14

Reasons why I think I could earn the position: I personally believe that I could be a staff member is because I will help ANYBODY with maturity and have a fixing solution that will resolve their issues that they have been received with. I'm on ALL the time even if there's 0 players online. Also, I just want to state that I will put forth rules that need to be obeyed. I can help with finding bugs, dupes, glitches, etc.. But I also want to do this so I can personally help people with their problems. I'm kind, friendly, mature, humorous, a problem solver, a useful solvent to problems, I can help, I can advertise, and also I can do Graphic Designs. I will NOT help any friends or other people to get what they want (like Dragon Claws, Ags, Torva, etc..) I will NOT disobey the rules and I will abide by them and put forth with action towards players that don't obey the rules correctly.

What I think could possibly hold me back form accomplishing anything from the position: There's is no possible way that will stop me from my "online achievements."

How often do I play a day: 6-7 hours

How much experience do I have: I have around 4 years of Runescape and 3 years of Runescape Private Servers

Thank you so much for viewing my moderator request for ProIonic 742. I know we can achieve our dreams by making them real and turn into a pursuite of happiness for all Runescape player fans.
-Versa Very Happy
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Moderator Application by Versa
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