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 Service's FC Price guide.

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Service's FC Price guide. Empty
PostSubject: Service's FC Price guide.   Service's FC Price guide. Icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 10:45 pm

FC Name : "Services"
First ill go over the price of Ranks in the FC.
Bronze star: 300m ( Can do services up to 250m payment at 1 time.)
Silver star: 500m (Can do services up to 500m payment at 1 time.)
Gold star: 1b (Can do services up to Unlimited payment at 1 time.)
*Note: Most payments for ranks will be given back to the community by games such as "Hide or seek giveaways" or simply "Trivia Giveaways".*

Combat Skill Prices
Attack 1-99: 25-50m
Strength 1-99: 25-50m
Defense 1-99: 25-50m
Ranged 1-99: 50m
Magic 1-99: 50m
Slayer 1-99: 100m-200m
Summoning 1-99: 50-100m

Skiller Stat Prices
Runecrafting 1-99: 150-200m
Construction 1-99: 200-300m
Agility 1-99: 400-500m
Herblore 1-99: 100-200m
Theiving 1-99: 50-100m
Crafting 1-99: 50-100m
Fletching 1-99: 100-200m
Hunter 1-99: 250-400m
Mining 1-99: 200-300m
Smithing 1-99: 100-200m
Fishing 1-99: 200m-300m
Cooking 1-99: 50-100m (Must have cookable items beforehand)
Firemaking 1-99: 50-100m
Woodcutting 1-99: 200-300m
Farming 1-99: 100-200m

Now I will go over PvM pricing
Fight Kiln: 500m for Maxed mains. 750m for Maxed pures (negotiable).
Fight Caves: 75m for Maxed mains. 150m for Maxed pures (negotiable).
Queen Black Dragon: 100m for Maxed mains. 250m for Maxed pures (negotiable).

If you are interested in a rank PM me in game @ "Reclusive".
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Service's FC Price guide.
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