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 Reclusive's Price Guide.

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Reclusive's Price Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Reclusive's Price Guide.   Reclusive's Price Guide. Icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 10:18 pm

These are prices of items currently as of 5/29/13. Will be updated every weekend.
If you would like to see prices of other items pm me in game or post comment on forums.

Bandos Chestplate+ Tassets- 200-250m ea.

Armadyl Chestplate+ Skirt- 150-200m ea.

Barrows items- 5-10m ea.

Spirit shields-
Divine- 2-2.5b

Elysian- 1.5-2b

Arcane- 1b-1.5b

Spectral- 500m-1b

Armadyl godsword- None in game.

Dragon claws- None in game.

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Reclusive's Price Guide.
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