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 Logan's Application

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Did you like my Application?
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2. It Is Ok
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3. It Is Horrible
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4. The Worst Application I've Ever Seen
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Logan Mars
Logan Mars

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Location : Norway

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PostSubject: Logan's Application   Logan's Application Icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 11:52 am

Hello All Of You,

My name is Logan ( My In-game name too, but i added Mars lol! ), and im a experienced Runescape player ( I Have played on over 5 Years ). I live In Norway, and my hobbie is to make Websites just for fun ( I have good experienced with It ). Im 13 years old, and I speak good enough english to be Norwegian, and i would love to be a staff member here.

I've been Moderator over 5 times, Administrator over 6 times, and Co Owner over 2 times.
I'm a nice guy, im not shy at all, and im easy to talk with.

Im active on my computer, which means im alot on, so i could help the players whenever they've needed it Smile

Im not a coder, But im a really good Website Devopler & Designer. I Know you ProIonic already have a website, but I just wanted to tell you Tony.

I am applying for Mod / Admin / Co Owner / Website Devopler & Designer, Because I love to help everyone with whatever they need, I do not abuse any of my powers, im respecting the player & owner, Im much online, and to help you, Tony, to make the best RSPS ever made.

Im really looking forward to meet you all In-Game, and please Vote on the poll lol!

Thanks For Reading lol!

-Logan Mars

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Web Master/Owner
Web Master/Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Logan's Application   Logan's Application Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2013 11:29 am

I am looking for a graphic designer if you are good at that Smile

add me on skype : gm.tony
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Logan's Application
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