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 Reclusive's Intro!

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Reclusive's Intro! Empty
PostSubject: Reclusive's Intro!   Reclusive's Intro! Icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 10:23 pm

As some of you may know, I am a well known player on the server "Siriusx". I have recently quit because of issues with donation problems and bad staff leadership. My real life name is "Derek" if you would like to call me that. My goal in ProIonic is to make as much money as possible as well as help players and keep a friendly community. I keep all staff members on skype as I did on SiriusX incase there are any problems with server or help is needed further than any player or moderator can do. I am the owner of the fc "Services" where you give a payment to get a certain type of service done such as fire cape or a 99 in a stat to a trusted rank in the friends chat. That is a little about me, if you would like to know me better just send me a pm in game, and ill be happy to respond Smile. Have fun!
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Reclusive's Intro!
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