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 Clue Scrolls

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PostSubject: Clue Scrolls   Clue Scrolls Icon_minitimeFri Sep 20, 2013 10:17 pm

Hello, here's my suggestion for bringing in clue scrolls in the game.

Why clue scrolls?
In the first place I think clue scrolls should be added to add more variation into the game. More variation will keep the game enjoyable. Being able to make gain some wealth from this, makes it even more enjoyable. Also, by adding this, there will be more content into the game, which may help us get more new players.

Where to get clue scrolls?
Clue scrolls should be accesable through a various amount of monsters. Every monster that can be given as a slayer task, should drop clue scrolls, and then the higher level bosses like the God Wars bosses, Corporeal Beast, King Black Dragon and Glacors. Ofcourse, the combat level of these monsters should affect the level of the clue scrolls. Here's what I have in mind:

Level 1-80: easy
Level 60-140: medium
Level 115+: hard

What rewards should there be?
Easy: Rune armour (common) - Runes (common) - Coins (common) - Black armour (g) (rare) - Elegant armour (rare)

Medium: Dragon armour (uncommon) - Runes (common) - Coins (common) - Dragon Arrows (uncommon) - Ranger Boots (rare) - Robin Hood Hat (rare)

Hard: Dragon armour (common) - Runes (common) - Coins (common) - Onyx Bolts (e) (common) - Fury ornament kit (rare) - Third age armour (rare)

What else?
You can choose to use the classic Runescape system with different locations everytime and several clue's each trail. You can also add 1 fixed place for each difficulty of clue's, but this in my opinion, ruins the fun of treasure trailing. But you choose yourself which you think is easier to code.

Well I hope I've given you enough information and that you will consider this. So far, thanks for reading and peace!

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Clue Scrolls
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