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 Introduction Silf

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PostSubject: Introduction Silf   Introduction Silf Icon_minitimeFri Sep 20, 2013 8:52 pm

Hello everyone. My name is Sylvio and I'm 18 years old. Due to the fact that my friends started calling me Silf when I was younger, I started using that name as a online nickname because I like it more then my real name. I'm from a small town in Belgium, where practicly nothing ever happens, so I spend most of my time gaming. I'm a very calm and friendly person, but I do tend to get really sarcastic at times. As long as you are nice to me, and don't seem like a 12 year old asking for to much attention, I get along with everyone.

My hobbies are gaming and playing football (soccer). And since it is starting to get colder now, I'm most likely not gonna be playing to much football. I've recently bought me a new playstation 3 once I pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto 5 and I now spend quite some time on there. If anyone wants to add me on PSN, they can just ask me in game. I only bought games I really like to play, so at the moment I own:
- Grand Theft Auto 5
- Fifa 13
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
- God of War III

I do have a small problem with both my router and parents, so I can't get online on MW2 at the moment. I need to reset my router, but my parents won't let me because they are afraind it will mess up the internet, unfortunately. I hope I can fix that by the time GTA online gets released tho.

Now, this is a private server, so I'll tell a bit more about my history on private servers. I started playing private servers around April - May 2009, when I was 14 years old. By the time I got 15 in August, I was a moderator on a server called Erasedpkz. This got me more experience in Runescape so once the summer holidays ended, and the server died because everyone had school, I started playing Runescape again and got a very decent account with around 2.200 total and 7 99's. While getting that, I played some private servers now and then, and then went back to Runescape again. In that period of time I got moderator 3 more times for a short period untill I quited the servers, and admin 1 time in the summer of 2012. After that server also died out, I started Runescape again untill the 5th February this year. After I got hacked for an uncountless amount of times, I finally had enough of it and I sold my Runescape account. Then I started playing a server called Skyfallrs, which was the best server I had played in years and had a great community. I immediately got addicted to it and I maxed out soon after I started playing. Then I donated and I started getting some 200m skills now and then. Then after a month of playing and making a good amount of cash I became a moderator. By then, the community had grown quite a bit, but also started to worsen due to serveral individuals. Eventually after 3 months, I became an admin. I played the server for 4 months untill I quited due to the community growing shit, good players quiting, an head-admin who was a butt-crawler towards the owner who was never online and never did anyting to the server. And now I'm here, starting on this server.

Last word:
I hope I can have a very good time here as I did on others servers before and that I can meet some nice players. You can always add me in game to ask me any questions or just to have a chat. I hope to see you all in game.

Thanks for reading and peace!

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Introduction Silf
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