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Hey visitors! we are hosting ProIonic 718 loading 742 and it is encouraged to report bugs, thank you. -Tony-

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 Bugs and Glitches

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Bugs and Glitches Empty
PostSubject: Bugs and Glitches   Bugs and Glitches Icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 12:18 pm

If you find a bug a glitch, report it here to be taken care of. I know most of you and I would do that same as you, abuse it first lol. But that is obviously against the rules and VERY easy for us to catch. So please just post them here so you don't get banned and we can fix it. We'll end up fixing it even if you do abuse it. The difference is the ban that you'll end up receiving Razz
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Bugs and Glitches
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