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 Tiggers Staff Applictation

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Do you believe I should get staff position
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Tiggers Staff Applictation I_vote_lcap50%Tiggers Staff Applictation I_vote_rcap
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PostSubject: Tiggers Staff Applictation   Tiggers Staff Applictation Icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 7:05 am

Ingame Name: Tigger

Actual Name: Marcus Wilson

Age: 16

What Position am I applying for: Moderator/Support

Some strengths I could bring to the Server: Being active and helping players

How would you be able to make this server more Popular: I advertise on xat chats while I train some of my skills

Past RS/RSPS History: I've been playing Runescape since about 3rd grade so that's 8-9 years, I got into RSPS's about 3-4 years ago. I have been staff on a few servers, some well know servers are, Desolution-Admin, Fatality614- Admin, Chaoticscape- Mod, Infinity714- Support Team

A List of 10 Reasons for Why I should be chosen to be a Staff Member.

1. I'm experienced with being staff

2. I am responsible for my actions

3. I try to be friendly to everyone

4. I'm really active (up to 16 hours of play a day) usually around 12 hours a day

5. I'm trustworthy

6. I have been playing the server for about a week now so I know a lot to help other players, new and old

7. I usually think of others first and I actually like helping other players

8. I'm respectful to all player, new and old

9. I wont see myself as above normal players

10. I will dedicate more of my time to making the server better instead of my character

If I ever had a rule breaker how would I handle it: Depending on the severity of the rule broken , if it wasn't severe or possibly on accident, i'd give them a warning, if the player did it intentionally or multiple times, I would jail them and talk to Tony ASAP, if it was trying to ruin the server in anyway, I would jail them, and talk to Tony about it ASAP, if it was a threat to DDOS someone or the server, I would ipban them without hesitation and speak with Tony ASAP, if it was a false claim of a broken rule, I would jail the accuser, if it was disrespecting someone, depending on the harshness of it, I would either give them a warning, mute them for 24 hours, or jail them

If I had to make a donation to help us out would you: If I had the money certainly, i'm planing on donate when I get my pay check and can get to the store

Have I read the Rules of The Forum Board and Server: Yes I have

Do I Promise to Abide by the Rules, Respect all my Fellow Staff Members, Help out in the Community, and Be Active? I doI love you


I Tigger promise to be active in my community. Make sure that I can have fun within and without the Server. To make sure that all are treated Equal. To Respect fellow Staff Members.

Btw, feel free to use this amazing application as your ownking
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Tiggers Staff Applictation
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